How does guest blogging work

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How does guest blogging work

Todays question is another question based on linkbuilding and linkbait. One of the more sophisticated and white hat methods of article marketing is Guest Blogging. You might be wondering though how is it different to article marketing what makes it better, how does guest blogging work and how does having or giving a guest blog post help with SEO. At first glance it can seem worse because you can only use an article once and you only get 1 or 2 links back so lets have a look at why a guest blog post will actually give a great boost to your site.

So first of all what is guest blogging?
Guest blogging is where you write a unique article for a website and in exchange for giving them content you get a link back to your website. Usually this is within the article itself or from your author profile or at the end of the article.

How is it better than article marketing?
With typical article marketing you write one article and send it out to hundreds of article sites and get a link back at the bottom. With guest blogging and guest blog posts you only use the article once and you only get 1 or 2 links but they are posted on much higher quality sites, with more limited and moderated content. This means your link is more prominent, it is in an on topic article, in context and from a high quality site. One or two guest blog post links can have much more of an effect on serps than hundreds of article links.

Why is the link better?
The link is better from a guest blog post because editorial links are seen as harder to “game”. Links within context and related to an article are also seen as better quality and more relevant and useful to users. If someone is writing about SEO and links to a particular resource within the article chances are it is a lot more relevant to users than a link in the blogroll or even in the author box of another article.

Any extra benefits?
Yes there are, if you use your name on these posts people will start to recognise you and your articles. You stand the chance of becoming a well known resource and source of knowledge in your industry. With the new rel=author tag you can even tag your guest blog posts and alert google that you wrote them even though they are on another site and this can result in getting your author picture next to the article in search results, another great sign of trusts to users.

What is in it for the site offering the guest blog post spot?
The site posting your blog post gets unique content, high quality content, more content for their site, another writing style and opinion on the site and if you choose to promote your article they also get more views and traffic to your site.

If you haven’t tried guest blogging it is worth taking the extra time to write a unique article and something that is helpful to users. Getting a link back from a good quality high pagerank site in an article will always be better than hundreds of article links on typical article submission sites. By trying to game the system and submitting spun articles to sites you’ll only be hurting yourself in the long run. A little extra effort or hiring someone to write quality articles more than makes up for the results you will see from guest blog post marketing so give it a go if you haven’t already.

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