My Continued Experience With AWR

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My Continued Experience With AWR

Well we reviewed it a while back and tried to include it in our monthly reporting arsenal  And we can say…we still use it. This is great, and I’ve used other ranking software too which all have their own advantages and disadvantages but AWR for me still stands head and shoulders above the rest.

For smaller reports I was happy with AWR but admittedly longer reports take quite a while (through no fault of AWR). I recently gave the proxies a go and was stunned I didn’t use this before. I used one of the free trials from Trusted Proxies for

It got my hundred or so results back in under a minute which was mind blowing. The same report with no proxies would take me around 18hours+. With normal proxies it still takes a few minutes but still far less than the hours/days it was taking before. So proxies are a definite must to use this tool if you’re wanting to run anything more than a few small reports. And especially if you’re running them all on the same day.

I really like the new notification tools with the “Ranking Alerts”. Out of all the new features this is the one I use the most. It gives you a quick look at anything that has jumped up or down by a lot, appeared in the top 10 and dropped out or risen/fallen by 10%. Its great to get some quick reports when you forget to look at your reports and can be set up to email you.

The reports it generates are still helpful and contain all the data you or the client might need, although they did move one of the features where it showed which page was ranking in the SERPs, but AWR were very quick to respond and show me where to find and set this up again.

I also moved computers and again, there was a very simple way to backup and import all my old data and reports into the new computer/version. The only thing that I wasn’t 100% sure of when I was doing this was that you actually need to give them all names again, they won’t import their old names by default. But again this process was really simple

One of the features I’m not so happy about is that it pulls in your competitors and seems to add them to the rank checker (I guess to monitor your competitors in serps too) but this was done by default and made my reports take 4x as long, and I had to manually remove these from my project. I’m sure this data would be useful but on a larger rank check it just adds too much time.

Overall this is a great tool and with proxies allows you to keep track of your rankings on a daily basis without much of an issue. We still intend to use this as our default reporting software.

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