Gareth Goddard

How to get google to crawl your site

Another one of our updates with common SEO questions. – How to get Google to crawl your site faster and pick up your page changes or new website.

This is another question with a relatively simple answer. – To get Google to come and crawl your website and pick up your pages there are some simple methods that should always work.

  • If your site is new – submit and verify the site in webmaster tools and submit a sitemap
  • If you’ve added new pages – add them to the sitemap and resubmit it in webmaster tools
  • Ping your new pages using a ping service
  • Build quality backlinks to the page and site.
  • Create content regularly – the more you update your site the more Google will come back to check for new content
  • Submit your blog to blog listing sites. These will crawl for new content which can alert Google to updates
  • Tweet and update social networks with your new content so alert both users and search engines to anything new on your site