Gareth Goddard

Make the most of beautiful clients

When it comes to client’s websites – some are better than others. At Goddard SEO we review sites and submit seo recommendations to make the most of any site we are working on to give it a fighting chance in the searches this can cover UI, Code, Copy, Tags, Structure and so on. Now while we would never want to name any names – some clients sites look a lot better than others.

When you have a clients website that stands out from the rest you can make the most of it. There are design and css gallery websites that will look at your website, and if the design is considered of a high enough quality they will do things like, add it to their own design database, give it a dedicated page, write a blog post about it, feature it on their site. In most cases these websites are great PR (Theres some great PR3-5 websites) and in nearly all cases the link you get is followed link.

You also tend to get a dedicated URL with the website name. This is a great bonus as it will take up space in the SERPs for your clients brand name and as we all know brand links are worth more and more these days and make up the basis of a well rounded link profile.

Oh and hey – look at that, some websites even let you add the developer urls. If you are working on the websites yourself, supplying site changes, customising sites etc, have a word with your client and see if they mind you being listed as the developer. In most cases they will be 100% fine with this. This is great for companies that neglect their own link building or let it fall behind. Not only are you getting yourself a high quality link, you are attaching yourself to clients who are getting the correct kind of attention.

Now some of the sites have guidelines about screenshot sizes that you need to submit and it can be a pain resizing your screenshot, but it’s always worth putting in a little extra time for a great link.

The other great thing about these links is that they are really picky. I have had clients I thought looked great who got rejected, I’ve tried submitting generic designs and they’ve been rejected too, so if you do use this method make sure to only submit outstanding or unique client designs.

I have seen clients competitors ranking with only a backlink profile of featured design galleries so these links are pretty powerful even on their own, but mixed with a great linkbuilding a social media strategy your clients should be way ahead.

To get you started here are 3 great galleries to submit your website to. But more can be found with a simple Google search.

This also works great if you have a mobile site. Mobile site galleries are practically GIVING away high quality links and even driving great quality traffic.