Gareth Goddard

New Brixton Pop Up Business Indulgence Opens. What we can learn from pop up shops and SEO

I love seeing new businesses appearing in Brixton. The amount of great new places to eat that I’ve become aware of in the last year around Brixton Village is amazing and the quality of the food easily stands proud amongst other more well known areas of London. And a new pop up shop opening on the 8th November keeps that tradition going. Paul Wayne Gregory (http://www.paulwaynegregory.com) is opening Indulgence on Market Row for 6 months and will have “fruit and chocolate based frozen premium desserts to take-away” and a range of  “hand-made chocolates”. Its amazing to see that the business is self funded too, the self-funded business. When I get the chance I will pop down and try some of their products out for myself.

So what can we learn from pop up shops and local marketing, seo and social media? 

The pop up shop is a great concept, bringing business in from passing trade who didn’t know the shop was going to be there, and trade from people who have heard about a shops launch and wish to check it out for themselves. They can generate a ton of local buzz and press mentions as well as a phenomenal number of real life visitors, but these shops commonly miss a trick especially smaller businesses. While they may only be temporary. Ranging for days to months, very few have official online presences. No main website (though creators, brands and so on may have their own sites), no mentions online other than press releases, no fan page etc. With the food industry especially people love to brag to others about where they have eaten and where they have received great food and people love to brag about unique places they’ve been. If you are setting up a pop up event that lasts even for a day you should really have the following presences online.

Facebook Fanpage:

People will actively seek out businesses they had a great experience with. Next time you put together a pop up event you can reach out to this group of fans and make them aware of your next project. People can tag themselves in photos or tag you in photos. You can update them throughout the day.

A basic website:

People will Google you name, looking for more information. Give them that. Let them know a bit about how and why you put the pop up shop together. What you hope to get from it. Where they can find more information about people involved (chefs, designers, artists etc you never know who will make an impression) and of course a map to the event along with the dates you will be there. As an SEO we love links and these events have the potential for so many amazing high quality links, and often this potential is wasted. With domains running at around $10 and hosting getting cheaper and cheaper, the cost of getting basic website shouldn’t be too daunting.

Google Places listing:

This is more important if you are going to be there for more than a day. But if you are there for longer than a day, make sure you are on maps, you will show up in local searches. You can always deactivate the business once the shop is gone.

Twitter Account:

Tweet and update your Facebook status with what you are doing, how busy you are, what’s selling well, what you’ve sold out of, what you are currently baking. Post pictures of your packed event. If you are running for a short time make the most of every little milestone. 1st customer – let people know. 1st day of business over, tweet about it, local celeb popped in for a cake, make sure you tell people.You want as many people talking about your event as possible.

Mentions In Local Press and Events Guides

People love knowing if anything new is happening locally, so make sure your event is listed. The response can vary depending on the area, but its a great way to let people know outside of the typical press release that just gets blasted out online.


Videos are huge and draw great amounts of interest. Even with limited knowledge and skill you can cut together basic videos of your event, some crowd shots, talking about your business etc. Obviously the more you can put into it the better and if you can someone professional and film, interview and put together a piece you can then put online its a great legacy to your event and another great avenue for bringing attention to you or your pop up event. Even a timelapse of putting together a brand new shop in such a short period of time makes for an interesting video, just remember to link it back to your main site or Facebook where you can.